Our Pricing Policy

We endeavor to be as fair and reasonable as possible when pricing your project. We know what it's like to receive large bills without prior knowledge. We work very diligently to make sure this does not happen.

In many cases we can fix-price a project. Some projects do not lend themselves to this form of pricing. For these projects our rates are time and materials.

Our Labor Rates

Off Site

Work done at our offices

$80/per hour
On Site

Work done at your location

$80/per hour (minimum 4 hours per day).

Network Cabling Pricing

  • $125 per drop for up to 100m cable runs including cable, face plate and jack installation.
  • Hardware (Racks, Switches, Firewalls, etc.) are at our cost + 10%.
  • We will install your hardware at time and materials cost.


All other work is priced at our base labor rate. Should we need to purchase components for your project we will add a maximum of 10% to the component cost. We only assess the 10% charge when a significant amount of time was needed to research and purchase the component. We will inform you of this up front before the purchase.