Website Development, Just because...

Although Website development is not our primary focus we do build and maintain sites for ourselves and clients. As in other software we produce we have taken to making the website code as component based as possible.

Thus we can offer a semi-custom website for you that drastically r educes the cost of a custom website. Our solution is not a site builder application but a set of components allowing us to build your site quickly with advanced features.

Our websites offer:

  • Totally responsive to the viewport. This means as the website window is expanded or shrunk the the site responds in an intelligent fashion. Try it now by shrinking and expanding the window you are viewing.
  • Limited JavaScript. We only use JavaScript when HTML5 and CSS prove impossible to get the UI functionality wanted.
  • Internal logging using log4PHP

E-Commerce Solution

Our e-commerce solution can be integrated into websites with small effort.

Client Websites