If looking for an inexpensive e-commerce solution of which you have entire control consider our solution.
We offer this package at a onetime cost. Integration can be done by your web developer or us. Integration can be done in a few days of work.

We have created a modular e-commerce solution. Our solution follows our best practices of Website Development. The architecture has been designed with ease of integration in mind. The design is focused on PHP and HTML5/CSS because this combination is very easy to install on a hosted website. The system does not need a database instead it uses an XML file for product and site configuration and e-mail for sending completed orders to your order processing team.


  • No database needed
  • No login, pure "guest" checkout
  • Configurable shipping, flat rate or percentage of cart total
  • PayPal Express Checkout integration
  • E-Mail checkout option
  • E-Mail product/order inquiry option
  • Product database and site configuration in one XML
  • Audit the checkout process option
  • Log4PHP debug logging option

Demo website coming soon!