Web services, not just a layout!

Web services are the data structures used by clients and servers to communicate. In best practices developers build objects that create and consume the web service. In the real world the client is rarely in the same language as the server thus forcing the product developers to translate services into multiple languages.

At Togglebolt we solved this problem by creating a tool for generating web services from a profile XML. Our tool can generate service classes in many languages. The classes generated can be simple data beans or smart objects. We are able to do this by defining templates for the the objects that are going to be smart objects. This allows the client and server to be using the same objects thus cutting down on interfacing problems and development time.

Using our system will reduce your generation time by half or better.

Web Services Produced

  • Json Web services
  • Other data languages upon request

Languages Produced

  • PHP 5.2 and greater
  • Java
  • Android, Classes and Resource files
  • IOS Objective C and Swift
  • Other languages upon request

To Get Started

  1. Contact us so we can look at your requirements.
  2. We will provide you with a cost estimate for the initial and future generations.
  3. We'll build profile files.
  4. We'll deliver the SDKs in the languages needed along with the profile files.
  5. You can modify the profiles on your own or have us do it.

Download a example profile and generated SDK.

Example Delivery Zip